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Win Zibeon calls these realist paintings, "anti-landscapes". People say all the time: "Where do you get these ideas?  Why don’t you paint landscapes?
Landscapes are everywhere. These paintings are his reaction to two things - how we are treating the earth and what he considers artistic blandness.
  And every painting has a story to tell.

"Other paintings by Zibeon are from his Anti-Landscape series. In these works, the artist attempts to unhinge the viewer’s attachment to safe and predictable visual reality. We can’t really experience beauty if our vision is filtered by habitual response and with this in mind, Zibeon with characteristic humor, attacks his own landscapes with a badly aimed dart here, a well placed hanger and tie there. Again illusion and counter illusion are all skillfully handpainted. Clearly the artist owes a debt to the great Surrealist Magritte, who famously inscribed on a painting of a pipe “Ceci n’est pas une pipe,” (this is not a pipe). However, Zibeon has made this rich vocabulary of illusion and allusion his own…saying in his own way that “Ceci n’est pas a view of the Hudson.”"


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